0257 – World Champion Max Michel

The shooting community as a whole is a wonderful bunch of people. there is an old gunism that states that an armed society is a polite society. I’m not sure which came first, the chicken or the egg, and it is quite possible that the kindness and the guns have nothing to do with each other. The fact remains that the group of people assembled here in Las Vegas for SHOT Show simply make me smile. Today,World Champion Speed Shooter Max Michel was kind enough to sit down with me and chat competition, combat and guns. We both stood up a few minutes later with smiles on our faces. I hope you enjoy the interview as much as we did!


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An Interview With Max Michel

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  1. ShootingPedia
    ShootingPedia says:

    While you are at SHOT Show, ask folks about the tricky laws they encounter. We live in a world of invisible lines that make us legal on one side of the street and a felon on the other side. What are some of the examples that firearms professionals are running in to?

    • PaulCarlson
      PaulCarlson says:

      Thats a great topic Paul. I have been digging into the whole SBR and NFA issues a bit. I know that isn’t what you are talking about, but the process is such a frustrating one.

      One of the big issues is right here in Las Vegas. I have talked to several folks about CCW here and the answers about legalities ranges the gamut. My permit is recognized by the state of Nevada, but according to some, Las Vegas feels otherwise. You know where I stand on that….


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