0256 – Karen Bartuch & The Women’s Tactical Association

Women's Tactical Association

In any profession there can be frustration in the disconnect between the decisions made in the central office and what happens in the trenches. It isn’t different in police work. What is different in police work is whats on the line. You must understand that when things go wrong for our LEO’s the consequences are more severe than an incorrect invoice, a botched part, or an upset customer. In police work often lives are on the line and the decisions of officers have drastic consequences to extraneous people involved, to themselves, and to the ones that they love. In police work, just like office work, these problems often go unsolved despite that fact that the consequences by far exceed frustration.

Smart officers solve these problems for themselves by making sure that they are prepared to handle the situations that can result in negative consequences. It might mean that they have to sacrafice their own time, energy and funds to prepare but they do it because they realize that they themselves and the ones that they love must bear the consequences when things go bad.

The Women’s Tactical Association gets it. Karen Bartuch and her cohorts realized this scenario. As they took care of their own training, they realized that they weren’t the only women in the situation that they were in. So, instead of getting pissed off, they set about fixing the situation. And so, the Women’s Tactical Association was born.



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