0254 – Essential Interview With Dave Spaulding

As I prepped for SHOT Show over the past few months the most common piece of work that I submitted as an example of what I do is episode 221.  In 221 I talked with Dave Spaulding about his Enhancing Pistol Combative Skills Course.  Dave is an excellent interviewee as he has a strong command of the subject matter that we discuss.  His delivery is smooth and effective even when I am running the show.  Imagine how efficient Dave is as an instructor when he is in control.  I was glad to study with Dave this past summer and will certainly do so again.  Imagine my pride when Dave grabbed me by the shoulder today at Media Day at the range for SHOT Show and said, lets do that again.  We did exaclty that, except differnt.  Tune in to hear Dave Spaulding talk about Combatives, handguns, training essential and more.  The interview with Dave will kick off our SHOT Show series where we focus on the wealth of knowledge that is here in Las Vegas.


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