0253 – My Preflight Checklist

I cracked a joke in 0251 about my preflight checklist and that locating the AED on the plane was one of the tasks on my list.  I wasn’t making fun of the preflight  as much as I was making fun of me.  Well I felt a little better when I got a comment from a listener letting me know that I’m not the only passenger out there with a preflight checklist.  Well, I decided that today would be a great day to talk about my routine as I will be traveling to Las Vegas for SHOT Show soon.  the concept of a preflilght doesn’t just have to apply to flying, so listen up and think of how you can apply this concept to help make your life a little safer!


Why Have a Pre-Anything Checklist?

I can only think of one reason.  STUFF HAPPENS!

I am not afraid to fly, I just know that building preparedness into my lifestyle IS going to pay off.  I know this because it has in the past.  Check lists help us to be prepared.

The purpose of a checklist is to:

  • Discover anything that has already happened and mitigate consequences
    • Are the tires on your vehicle properly inflated
    • Fuel tank full
    • Windshield clean
    • Wiper blades in good condition
  • Ensure readiness for anything that might happen to mitigate consequences
    • Spare, tools and jack ready to go in case of a flat
    • Cash for fuel or spare fuel in vehicle
    •  Fluid to wash the windshield
    • Spare set of wiper blades

Universal Application

Today we are talking about my preflight checklist, but we could b talking about just about anything.

  • Pre drive checklist
  • Pre shift checklist for emergency service workers
  • Pre bedtime checklist
  • Pre vacation checklist

My Checklist

On My Person

  • ID
  • Phone
  • Light
  • Pen
  • Scraper

My Carry On

  • Stowed
  • Checked

My Immediate Area

  • Safety Card
  • Personal item
    • H20
    • Layers
    • Glasses
    • Trauma Kit
  • Flotation

My Surroundings

  • Rows forward to exit
  • Rows back to exit
  • First Aid
  • AED
  • Raft

My Friends

  • Those that could help
  • Those that will need help


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