0252 – SSA Shot Show Coverage Plan

People dig guns, and people that dig guns really dig SHOT Show.    It is the Shooting, Hunting, Outdoor Trade Show and SHOT Show is the NSSF’s version of your local gun show.  On steroids.  It is the premier event where manufacturers, distributors, FFL holders, instructors, military and LE end users and media all get together to display and discover what is new in the industry.  It is a big deal and a lot of folks would like to be in attendance but cannot attend because it is an industry event.  That is where the media comes in.  If you cant make it to SHOT Show because you are not an industry insider, or if you just can’t make it, you can still follow the SHOT Show.  Through folks like me!  Today we are going to lay out the plan for how the SSA podcast plans to cover SHOT Show 2012.


SHOT Show 2012

When most folks thing about SHOT Show they thing about the gear.  New guns, new accessories.  Gear that is innovative and fun.  The size and scope of SHOT Show is staggering.  The number of vendors is overwhelming and although four days seems like a long time, there is no way to see it all.  Yet we try.

  • SHOT Show is an educational dream
  • It isn’t just the gear that is at SHOT, but also the people that are behind the gear
  • It is a chance to pick brains, understand designs and learn
  • SHOT Show isn’t to be missed.

My Attitude About SHOT

  • I have plenty of guns
  • I have too much gear
  • I never have enough knowledge
  • It is the people of SHOT Show that have the real ‘product’  Knowledge
  • My focus will be on the People of SHOT Show

How You Can Get the Content

SSA Podcast

  • Interviews of the people who build and use the products
  • Reviews and impressions of products

SSA Blog

  • Quick blurbs of resources you should check out
  • Updates about what is going on at SHOT Show
  • Photos

SSA Youtube Channel

  • Broadcast Credentials
  • Media Day at the range
  • A look at the SHOT Show floor
  • Product Reviews

SSA on Facebook

  • Status updates
  • Photos
  • Links to content

SSA on Twitter

  • Photos
  • Quick updates

The SSA SHOT Show Page


  • All of the above
  • Additional feeds

How You Can Help Get the Information You Want?

Watch the websites of your favorite manufacturers

  • Take a look at new products
  • Watch for announcements

Keep an eye on other media outlets

Let me know what you want me to cover

  •  My goal is to gather content at the show and post what I can quickly
  • Post more detailed content on off hours
  • I am going to be BUSY
  • You are my eyes and ears
  • Let me know what you want me to cover
  • Email
  • Comments on the blog
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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