0243 – Have a Place for Your Guests Coats and Purses

The Christmas season is supposed to be filled with joy, yet ignorance can instead bring tragedy. We had a house full this past weekend to celebrate my daughter’s 2nd Birthday and we celebrated Christmas with one side of the family while they were in town. My goal is to always have an environment that is as safe as possible for those that I love, and just because I have guests my priorities don’t change. When the guests become a risk themselves, then it needs to be addressed. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not letting people into my home who intentionally want to hurt my kids. Instead, it is the folks that simply don’t think about the consequences of their simple actions. To keep your family safe this Christmas, have a place for your guests to place their coats and purses when they visit.



Purses? Whats the Big Deal

Incidences of Children being poisioned by medication is on the rise.

The last thing we want to have to face is illness or the death of someone we love.  Imagine how your life would change if you found your child unconscious, siezing, unresponsive, blue lips, eyes rolled back in the middle of a family party.  Yet that is exactly what we are asking for if we don’t think about keeping bad stuff out of the reach of little people!  Purses are full of bad stuff.

Lets look at the problems with purses.

  • More People using medication
  • More people using more medication
  • Medication stored outside of child proof containers
  • Many people carry meds with them female = purse

A Purse Can Hold More Than Meds

If you have ever had the pleasure of hearing, “honey can you get, … from my purse,” you know what I mean!

  • Make up
  • Choking Hazards
  • Off Body Carry
  • Alchohol

So What Do Coats Have to Do With The Situation?

Every fall I get reminded that a coat is simply a murse when I dig my hands into the pockets of the coat that has been hanging since May.

  • My wife uses her coat pockets to carry around important stuff when she doesn’t drag around her purse
  • I don’t carry a purse, so my coat pockets can act like a purse too.
  • Think outside the box, back packs, camera bags etc.
  • If you don’t know what is in it, consider it deadly.

Remember it’s Your House So Take Responsibility

  • Have a place to put stuff up so you don’t have to worry about it.
  • Blame it on your kids


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