0241 – The Throw Away Wallet

We know that the best way to avoid the consequences of violence is to avoid violence all together.  If a dirtbag on the street decides to take my wallet and I truly believe that giving up the wallet will end the situation, I have no problem giving up the wallet.  All that the wallet contains is a small amount of cash.  Would you pay $100 to avoid getting hit, kicked, cut, shot or stabbed?  I would.  Even when I dominate that conflict there can be negative consequences.  I don’t want those negative consequences.  It is for this reason that I carry a Throw Away Wallet.


What Is a “Throw Away” Wallet?

My throw away wallet is a pretty simple piece of my EDC gear.  It is a simple leather bill fold which has a couple of pockets for credit cards, ID’s etc and an integral money clip.

  • It is a functional piece of my EDC.
  • I use it as storage for my cash.
  • Despite the pockets I rarely carry ANYTHING other than cash in the wallet.
  • Most importantly I am willing to toss this wallet any time to avoid a problem.

Purpose of a “Throw Away” Wallet

Crime and Violence Avoidance

The main component of the wallet is cash but I don’t carry all of my cash there.  I carry a real wallet that has all my important stuff in it as well as a stash of cash.

Before the crime

Because I only carry a small amount of cash in my TAW, I can open it in public with confidence that I am not going to make myself a mark.  It’s 2011, and a hundred bucks just isn’t a hundred bucks any more.

If I end up in a gas station to pick up a coffee in the middle of the night, the last thing I want to do is open up a wallet that is holding a couple hundred bucks.  There are several problems with this scenario.

  • I don’t need to attract attention to myself
  • I don’t want to indicate that I have a chunk of cash to steal
  • Often times people with a load of cash have other things that scum might like to have
I carry a TAW so that I don’t make myself a target by drawing unnecessary attention to my cash.

After the crime

I carry a TAW to avoid escalation of simple crime.

I can only imagine how much it would suck to get stuck up for my wallet, but I can also imagine that it could get worse after the fact.

  • Imagine the hassle of dealing with all of the information that is lost in a typical wallet.
    • State ID
    • CCW
    • Credit Cards
    • Home and Business Address
  • Imagine the scumbag that robbed you waiting outside your house 60 days after you first met.  He knows that the insurance company has replaced your cash, wedding band and fancy watch he stole.  Why not get the new ones too!  You see when he took your wallet he took your ID with you home address.


Sometimes a scumbag just wants your wallet.  When that is the case, its best to just give it up.

  • When it comes to AOJP,  J or intent is the hardest to judge.
  • Another individuals intent is difficult to judge as we can never get inside someone else’s head.
  • At the same time, when our gut tells us that giving it up will do, that is a great place to start.


Having a TAW can be a great distraction.

  • Even if you are wrong when it comes to AOJP having a TAW can buy you time.
  • Time = Distance = Opportunity
  • Tossing a TAW can create opportunity for you to defend or escape.
  • Get yourself a TAW!


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