0237 – Black Friday Shopping Safety Tips

I can’t believe it is already the Holiday Season. Today I needed to pick up a machine for some work I am doing and the rental shop was playing Christmas Music. Yup. Thursday is Thanksgiving and we all know what comes after Turkey Day. Yes, in consumer driven America, Black Friday is the next big holiday. I don’t know that I can blame folks for thinking about the deals that can be had as they can lead to considerable savings and at times border on ridiculousness. Just like with anything else, however, we have to strike a balance. Saving a hundred bucks on a Blue Ray player is cool. Being stomped to death in the process isn’t.


Prepare Ahead of Time

Know where you are going

  • Plot it
  • Print it
  • Share it

Travel in Packs

  • Safety in numbers
  • Increased awareness

Have a COMM Plan

  • Cell
  • Text
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Radio

On Black Friday


Peter and Shane

Carry Your Gear

  • EDC
  • Layers
  • Water
  • Food
  • First Aid
    • Trauma
    • Booboo Kit

Park Smart

  • In common areas
  • In light
  • Put it out of sight or empty the rig

Avoid the Biggest Rushes

  • When you see a crowd go the other way
  • Don’t be afraid to step out of line

Handle your cash properly or not at all

  • Count it out ahead
  • Use a Credit or Debit Card

Use your Apps

  • ICE
  • Mapping
  • Weather
  • Social Media
  • Shopping

The Best Option on Black Friday

  • Shop Black Friday Online
  • Wait for Cyber Monday
  • Put your money in the bank instead of buying crap you don’t need cause it is cheap.
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