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It was way back in the spring of 1948 that Rick asked me to do a review on the CIA Executive Ice Scraper. I have to say that when I first looked at it, it seemed like a joke. But at about $3.50 each, there was no way I wasn’t going to give it a try. I ordered up a 3 pack and started to tinker with them. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with some of the possibilities the tool provided. It took me quite some time to get a review up, but here it is!

Two Scrapers

The Executive Ice scraper makes for a good tool to carry for self-defense when you can’t carry a more effective dedicated tool.

The Executive Ice Scraper is a niche tool.  Not a weapon that I would choose to carry as a primary or even a backup tool.  At the same time, tools like the Ice Scraper have their place.  When thinking about any tool we need to approach it from the appropriate context.  When we have choices we want to choose the best most effective tools that we can, but at times when we do not have choices, we must do with what we have.  Our choices could be limited by, law, circumstances or our personal beliefs. Whatever limits we have, they define our context.

Field Expedient Weapons:

There are times when our context precludes us from carrying an item that is traditionally thought of as a weapon.  Your place of work might place restrictions on you, or a place that you are traveling may have laws the keep you from carrying the tools you would normally carry.  In these situations, when we are faced with violence, we will need to be ready to deploy whatever tools we can to defend ourselves and those that we love.  There is nothing wrong with stacking the deck in our favor.  A great example of this concept is the pen I carry on a daily basis.  I carry that particular pen, the Zebra F-701, specifically because it serves as a great sharp weapon as well as a writing instrument.  If I’m heading into a court room, or onto an airplane it is one of the tools that I make sure is accessible to deal with that violent encounter when it arises.  That pen might not be my preferred weapon, but it is what I have available to me at the time.

The Executive Ice Scraper fits into a similar group.  I don’t think I would ever choose to have this as my primary weapon, but I would take it if those were the choices laid out in front of me.


When we look at carrying any weapon we have to strike a balance with many often conflicting factors:

Two Scrapers

The Scraper is smaller than an iPhone 4 and lighter weight too. The edge is sharp enough that pocket carry could be an issue for the longevity of your pocket.
  • How likely are we to use the tool?
  • How easily can it be carried?
  • What else are we carrying?
  • What mode of carry will we use?
  • Are there legal considerations that effect the carry of the tool?

We have to work to look at these issues to make sure that we find that balance between these and the many other factors that can effect our decisions.

When I look at the Executive Ice Scraper as a weapon, it certainly is not going to earn a spot on my belt.  I have other tools that I am willing to carry that serve the same niche as the EIS but probably do a better job.  If I carried my keys in a purse, ( usually don’t)  I might consider drilling a hole in the grip of the EIS to add it to a detachable key ring.  The EIS does have a place in my EDC Bag.  When the time comes that I have to jettison my more traditional tools this tool can pick up the slack.  It is fearsome enough that it could serve as an excellent force multiplier for striking.  Its sharp edge insures that it will cause some significant sharp weapon trauma as well.  Yet it is benign enough that it will pass through most inspection points without even a glance.  If it is detected it is explained easily enough to be thrown in the trash with little consequence, or better yet passed through with a quick explanation.

Even more realistic is carry in the vehicle.  Where there may be regulations about carrying of concealed weapons in the vehicle, there are no regulations regarding ice scrapers in a realm where ice scrapers belong.  A small piece of Velcro could easily affix this tool in a place that allows you to quickly and effectively deploy it against frozen water or whatever else threatens you.

Two Scrapers

The tool is compact and fits comfortably in the hand for its intended purpose or for any other use you can think of.

Use of the Executive Ice Scraper

I will leave the use for the  intended purpose of the EIS up to you to figure out.  When it comes to deployment as an improvised weapon things are pretty simple and similar to the use as a scraper.

  • With the edge facing forward insert the middle finger through the hole
  • The index finger and ring finger grip around the base
  • The thumb is placed on the edge for stability
  • Use a punching motion to strike any area that you would strike with a palm strike

There are some issues that we must understand about the deployment of a tool like the EIS.

  • The EIS is an ice scraper
  • It is not regulated as a deadly weapon
  • It is not restricted like a deadly weapon

If you start to strike another person with a sharp edged force multiplier like the EIS you can expect to be judged as an individual using deadly force because that is most likely what it is.

Finally, when we consider the use of the Ice Scraper, we must consider your mindset.  It is my personal belief that if you are unwilling to deploy a firearm or a knife as a lethal force tool, you are kidding yourself if you think you are going to stop an attacker by deploying a less effective and more primitive tool.  I believe that it will take more:

  • effort
  • commitment
  • energy
Two Scrapers

Inexpensive, small and sharp the Executive Ice Scraper is a tool that can be carried just about anywhere and is an effective force multiplier.

This is an intimate tool in the sense that it will only be able to be used at close range.  In addition, it will need to be used repeatedly to cause the type of trauma needed to stop a dedicated attacker.  Think about this before you decide to add it to your EDC.  Don’t take this as discouragement.  Instead it is simply realism.  I firmly believe that the life of an innocent man woman or child is infinitely more valuable than the life of a dozen dirt bags.  When they earn it, dice em up with pride and if you need to use and Executive Ice Scraper, try to catch it on video and send it in.  I’ll be happy to sing your praises and testify on your behalf!

Overall Evaluation

Over the past month, as the weather has gotten colder the Executive Ice Scraper has made its way into may bag of tricks.  It will come in handy for its intended purpose as the cold weather rolls in here in NE Ohio.  When the weather warms up, due to travel, or change in season, I’m guessing the tool will stay right in the bag.  Ready to get moved into primary position when I don’t have a choice and waiting to serve as a deep backup when needed.

Take a look at the Executive Ice Scraper and evaluate it to see if it fits in your gear.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:


    Thanks for the review on this item. I think your assessment was right on the money. Thank you also for the mentions for BVCC.



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