0228 – Be Aware Picking Up the Morning News

This morning I was out for some exercise.  Nothing big, just a “quick” 5K before my wife went to work.  I was running in the neighborhood in my typical daily garb.  My hood is super low traffic with no through streets so I don’t dress in bight reflective colors.  Today I happened to have on a pair of dark green pants and a moss green fleece so I am pretty low visibility.  Since I am in my daily dress, yes I change when I get home and shower, I have my EDC on including my light.  When I need to make my presence known I simply draw my light and turn it on.  I have started running in a pair of Merrell Barefoot Trail Gloves which has really improved my running stride and makes me quiet.  It is dark out, I’m dressed like a SF ninja, and the only noise is a quite pat pat of my feet and the rhythmic rattle of my G21 mags.  It’s like I’m not even there.  Today we are going to talk about some lessons we can learn about the dark.

0228 – Be Aware Picking Up the Morning News


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Lt. Col. Dave Grossman is a great author and an even better speaker.  If you haven’t read his books, make sure you take a look at On Killing and On Combat.  Definite winners.  If you have never seen Dave live, make it a point.  One of my favorite concepts from Dave talks about mindset in the night.

I’m not going to go into a detailed description of how we can effectively operate in darkness as this is a huge topic.  I will go as far to put it in simple terms.  If we are going to be effective in darkness we must embrace the night.

I’m Not Even There

So I’m out and about early and as always I’m playing the game that one of our listeners, Tom,  described early on in the podcasts.  I find you before you find me.  It almost isn’t fair as I have tipped the odds so far in my favor:

  • Dress
  • Noise
  • Eyes
  • Light
  • Awareness

My Competitors Make it Easy

  • Lack of awareness
  • Eyes
  • Light
  • Cigarettes
To be fair, these folks don’t know that they are playing a game so it makes it pretty easy for me to win.  But when we stop and think about it, all I am doing is thinking like a crook and they are thinking like a victim.  When we approach it from that angle losing has a whole new meaning doesn’t it.  I think the situation is even worse than what I have laid out above.  See, my intentions are nothing but good.  I wouldn’t dream of doing anything to hurt these neighbors of mine.  Some of them I know, some of them I don’t.  Some of them I like, some of them I don’t.  The key is my intent.

Letting Your Guard Down With the Gate Open

The worst part of this situation is when folks are choosing to be oblivious to the world.
  • Groggy
  • Under dressed
  • Unprepared
  • Doors unlocked
  • Alarm is off
  • Family asleep inside

Spend Some Time Thinking Like a Dirt Bag

  • Watch those around you
  • Determine when they are strong
  • Notice when they are weak
  • Apply what you learn to yourself
An unfortunate reality is that we are often safe only because no one is trying to hurt us.  It is true while you are heading out to the end of the driveway to pick up the paper, while you are at work and while your kids are sitting in a desk at school.  We can all do better.
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