0227 – Knife Carry

Airplanes and courtrooms.  I can’t think of very many other places where I don’t have a knife and it has been that way for a lot of years and for good reason.  Of all my EDC items my light and my knife top the list for items used most often.  From cutting cord to slicing an apple to opening boxes, my knife gets used.  A lot.  Seems pretty simple, there can’t be a good reason to not carry a knife.  Or maybe there is.  Today we will take a look at carrying a knife.

0227 – Knife Carry


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Knife Laws




Major Considerations for the Carry of Sharp Weapons

  • Vary from state to state and from locale to locale
  • Some of the laws border on ridiculous (California, Ohio)
  • Most states preempt firearms laws, not so for knives

The Devil is in the Details with Knives

  • Type of knife
    • Folder
    • Fixed
  • Length
  • Action
    • Automatics
    • Assisted
    • One handed
    • Spring loaded
  • Method of Carry
    • Concealed
    • Open Carry
    • Pocket
    • Pocket Clips
  • Often times laws focus on intent.  Can you effectively verbalize your purpose for carrying the knife you are carrying.

Self Defense

  • Purpose
    • Primary
    • Back up
    • Plan C
  • Folder
    • Pros
      • “Pocket Knife”
      • Easy to carry
      • Variety to choose from
    • Cons
      • Not as strong as a fixed blade
      • Takes time to deploy
  • Fixed Blade
    • Pros
      • Speed
      • Strength
      • Versatile
    • Cons
      • Legality
      • Aggressive Appearance
      • Challenge to carry


2 replies
  1. Jeff Saylor
    Jeff Saylor says:

    another great pod cast Paul! In Indiana there is no blade limit law, but there is an auto knife laws in certain counties. so in my county i can carry an out the front, but in the next county about 15 minutes away i could get arrested for carrying it! as a knifemaker the knife laws are very important to me, but ultimately its up to the user, (buyer) to do the research of their local laws.

    • PaulCarlson
      PaulCarlson says:

      Yeah. Pretty Crazy isn’t it Jeff. It would be nice to see some uniformity in the laws. I don’t like to see people get hemmed up because the laws are too complex to understand.


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