0217 – 9-11 Series: What Has Changed in 10 Years?

When I look back, it feels like 9-11-2001 was one of those events that changed EVERYTHING.  Obviously, for some folks it did. and my heart goes out to those people that were directly impacted by the attacks.  For most of us, however, 9-11 didn’t change everything even though it felt and sometimes still feels like it did.  For the most part, for most people, life returned to a normal state.  Today we are going to take a look at some of the things that have changed and some things that haven’t changed and how that effects us and the likelihood of future attacks.


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Changes Since 9-11-2001

The Landscape

The War on Terror

  • Making people Dead that need to be dead
  • Keeping people alive that need to be alive
  • Improvement in tactics

The Airport

  • The Curb
  • The TSA
  • The Passengers

The Psyche

  • A change in attitude
    • A realization of the range of possibilities
    • A willingness to act
  • An increase in safety
    • Faster to recognize a problem
    • Faster to get involved


What Hasn’t Changed

Our Level of Threat

  • We are facing a dedicated adversary
  • Multiple Coordinated attacks
  • Lone-wolf scenarios

Our Dependency on Others

  • International Dependence
    • Oil
    • Food
    • Financial
  • Domestic Dependence
    • Gov
    • Police
    • Fire

Our Reactionary Stance




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