0214 – Border Crossing Security Issue

One of the concepts we have covered in the past is being a hard target which is really about emphasizing the behaviors that make it more difficult for someone to commit a crime against you.  Today we will take a look at a seemingly unlikely scenario where hard target strategies could have helped somebody out.  When you take a look at the article you are going to shake you head.

0214 – Border Crossing Security Issue


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Hard Targets Vary Their Behavior

Having erratic behavior has been a long time tool of those that want to avoid being targeted.  Folks like jewelry store owners, handlers of large sums of cash, secret agents and even some average Joes understand that if your daily routine is different on a regular basis it can make it more difficult for a criminal to target you.  It is a pretty simple concept.  If someone knows where you will be, when you will be there, what you will be doing, with whom it is pretty easy to plan a crime against you.  If they don’t know any of the above, it is much more difficult to figure out when the best time is to do what ever nefarious thing they have planned, and if you sit somewhere in the middle.

Border Crossing Nightmare

Ana Isela Martinez Amaya was arrested on May 26th for smuggling 100 pounds of marijuana in to the US from Mexico in two suitcases in the trunk of her car.  The 35 year old mother and teacher at an American charter school seemed an unlikely mule and she was released from a Juarez prison a month after her arrest.

  • The weed wasn’t hers
  • Mexican authorities didn’t buy her story
  • If it wasn’t for the FBI and all those that supported her, Ana would still be in prison
The FBI came to the Mexican Gov and filled them in on a little scam that was being run at the border.
  • Subjects were identified
  • Drugs were place in their vehicles on the Mexican side of the border
  • Drugs were removed on the American side after the Mule by Proxy made the crossing
Key qualities of the Subjects:
  • SENTRI users
  • Regular Commute
  • “She’s like a clock, boss. Boom-boom-boom! Always.”
  • Ford vehicles
What to Do?
  • “She’s like a clock, boss. Boom-boom-boom! Always.”  Well, for starters lets avoid this
  • Vary your route
  • Vary your time of arrival
  • Vary your time of departure
  • Park conspicuously
  • Park in inconvenient places
  • Check your vehicle
  • Have lots of friends and hope the FBI is gonna bail you out!


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