0213 – “F#$^* The Niners?” Sports, Violence, What’s the Deal and How Can We Stay Safe?

I’m a sports fan, and living in Cleveland makes it mandatory to be a football fan, and so I willingly comply.  My hopes and dreams for the home team thrive each year for about the same amount of time that the opening kick off hangs in the air, and then I realize, it’s another “rebuilding year.”  I haven’t been in Cleveland long enough to remember anything that could be “re” built.  Now maybe my lackluster fan status of the Browns confuses me as to how committing acts of violence on behalf of my team could be possible, or maybe, just maybe, I’m a normal rational person.  Today we are going to take some time to look at violence related to sports and what we can do to help keep ourselves safe.


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Is the Problem of Sports Related Violence Growing?

When we look at this past Saturday’s 49ers v. Raiders game, the violence that took place in the stadium and afterward in the parking lots, and the amount of media attention that it is garnering we have to ask ourselves if violence at sporting events is on the rise?

The answer is probably not.

Candlestick holds 69,700 fans, there were 3 reported incidents, I would guess on average there were 10 in each incident involved in each: 0.04% of the people involved in violence.

  • Media attention
  • Proliferation of hand held recording devices
  • Social Media

Is Sports Related Violence an Issue?

Just like any violent encounter, when you are involved it certainly is and one of the problems with this kind of violence is its seemingly random nature and the number of factors that are out of your control.

  • Emotion
    • Rivalry
    • One-Upmanship
  • Alcohol
    • Intensifies emotion
    • Decreases judgement
    • Reduces inhibition
  • Crowds
    • Provide a level of anonymity
    • Create an opportunity for escalation
    • “Mob Mentality”

How to Keep Yourself Safe

  • Stay Home
  • Pick Your Seats
  • Stay Sober
  • Dress For Success

What Happened at Candlestick?

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