0212 – Protect Your Eyes with Safety Glasses

The human body is a pretty good example of the one is none, two is one principle.  There is a lot of redundancy built in and that is a good thing.  At the same time, just because I have two hands, it doesn’t mean I am willing to give one up.  Today we will be talking a bit about an important pair of the human anatomy that we want to make sure we protect.


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Hey, here I am!

Hey Guys, Here is Why We have TWO of em!

Lots of our body parts come in pairs.  Some of those pairs are completely redundant like our kidneys and some aren’t.  Today we are going to be talking about our eyes and keeping them protected.  First we need to understand why this is important.

  • Redundancy
  • Major information highway
  • Binocular vision
    • depth perception

When I “Saw” the Need to Protect My Eyes

Being a safety guy, I often am wearing glasses to protect my eyes when I am engaged in “dangerous” activities

  • Shooting
  • Force on Force Training
  • Running Power Tools
  • Working with Springs

Add One to the List

  • Changing batteries….

Consider all of the benign things you do that could turn into an optical disaster…

  • Driving
  • Using Chemicals
  • You wear glasses when you shoot and you also carry a gun….
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