0207 – Beat the Heat

I don’t know about you, but hot weather isn’t a friend to me.  There are only so many things that I can do to be comfortable when it is scorching.  Well, this week is forecast to be an inferno, so it is time to talk about some of the things we can do to be safer and more comfortable when the heat is on!


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Data Loss:

  • Backup System worked
  • Large and recent files are the issue
  • .pst file
  • emails
Recovery is in process

Beat the Heat


One of the most important ways we deal with heat is through sweating

  • energy is heat
  • to turn liquid water into water vapor we must add energy
  • the energy comes from our body
  • since energy is heat, heat from our body is used in the process this cools us!
There are some factors that effect how effective sweating is:
  • We can control some factors, but others we cannot
  • Humidity
  • Hydration
  • Clothing

Dress for it

  • Protection from the sun’s radiation
  • Allow airflow to aid in evaporation

Increase your surface area

  • Stand Up
  • Spread out
  • Issues with Gear

Get out of the sun

  • Shade helps to cut down on the energy we pick up through radiation
  • Hat

Get the air moving

  • Find high ground to find a breeze
  • Fan


  • Turn up the thermostat at home
  • Avoid AC breaks
  • Physiological changes take place in your body



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