0206 – Independence Day Mindset

I find mindset to be a pretty fascinating topic.  Mindset, or the lack of, can mean the difference between success and failure in just about any endeavor.  Our mindset is a fluid and dynamic quality that we must work out to maintain and improve just as we must exercise our bodies to keep them in shape or make them stronger.  Today we will look at an interesting way that I feel many folks have allowed their mindset to deteriorate.  Our topic is a little bit different than usual, but hopefully will help us to understand our mindset, the mindset of others and how that understanding can help us to win.


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Today’s Topic:

Independence Day vs. the 4th of July

Back Ground:

Significance of the 4th of July

  • This is the day the DOCUMENT The Declaration of Independence was adopted by the Continental Congress.
  • We must understand that we declared our independence prior to the document being written.  July 2nd.
  • The 4th was not the day that everyone signed the document.  Instead August 2nd.
The overall reason for celebrating on the 4th of July is that we Declared our Independence from GB.
It isn’t the date that really matters it is instead the events that occurred that matter.
Yet we refer to the day by its date?
New Year?
Our Birthday?
All these holidays are tied to a date.  That date may or may not have historical significance depending on the holiday and what you believe.  Not a single holiday that I listed  is referenced by its date?
It isn’t easier to say the 4th of July.
It isn’t more descriptive.
It also doesn’t remind us of our DUTY to keep our government in check.
Maybe I’m a bit paranoid, but talk of Independence Day doesn’t help keep good subjects in line?  The 4th of July is benign.  Independence Day isn’t.
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