0205 – FF Flipped The Switch

When we take a look at our FF I often try to single out a specific issue to deal with.  Today’s FF is no different.  I want to thank Bryan for sending it in.  I hope things are going well at OSU, and I look forward to more good videos Bryan!


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He Flipped a Switch

[youtube uIkhQyuCD3U]

The video gets off to a bit of a slow start, but at about :50 seconds in, we see what it is that we need to see.  Domination.  It was one of the comments on Youtube that really caught my attention and described what it is that we need to take from the video.

“The guy flipped a switch!”

Yup, that is what we are looking for.   An immediate transition from guy walking down the street to dirt-bag’s biggest fear in the blink of an eye.

You see it is a natural instinct to posture.

  • Survival of the species
  • Lack of experience in violence

We don’t have time to goof around because of the nature of violence

  • chaotic
  • myriad of outcomes that aren’t so good
  • tendency to escalate quickly

When it is appropriate legally, morally and tactically we must attack:

  • instant
  • decisive
  • continue until we win, or stop breathing permanently
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