0203 – Safety Around Fires

Fires have always been a part of my outdoor life.  They cam be practical tools that provide us with  a way to cook our food, keep bugs away, provide comfort, warmth, and even a bit of nostalgia that takes us back to another time and place.  At the same time fires can be dangerous.  Today we will look at a few tips on staying safe around the campfire.


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Starting your fire

  • Skip the lighter fluids, gas and other explosive liquids.
  • Learn how to start a fire
  • Get organized before you strike the first match
  • Tinder (smaller than a match, dryer lint, newspaper, tiny wood scraps)
  • Kindling
  • Fuel

Keep it contained

  • We need to consider containment BEFORE we light a fire!
  • Fire needs 3 things to burn
  • To keep your fire contained you have to remove one of the 3 elements of fire from the area surrounding the fire
  • It is easiest to remove fuel
  • Consider wind and moisture content

Be able to put it out

  • If we deprive the fire of one of the three elements we can put it out.
  • Easiest way is to take away the O2
  • H20
  • Shovel and dirt

Fire isn’t a toy it is a tool

Think about what you burn

  • keep it to wood
  • NO bottles
  • NO cans
  • NO fireworks
  • NO ammunition
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