0199 – We May Never Know Our Success

One of the reasons I started SSA was to learn.  In fact, I would have to say that is my major purpose in my endeavor is to feed my greedy little mind with knowledge.

  • Middle school math wasn’t that though when I was in middle school, but when I had to teach it to a bunch of greasy faced kids, I learned a TON.
  • Drawing a handgun and rapidly putting multiple shots on target is a simple process to me but teaching that process to some one else helps to develop understanding of ideas I didn’t even know were in play.

The examples go on and on.

This week you folks helped me to flesh out and expand my understanding of one of my topics and helped draw out an awesome point and now show topic that I knew and understood but took for granted.

Going Topless

  • Never considered how many listeners this podcast could affect.  Thanks to Rick and Mark for bonking me over the head with that one, and to the rest that followed up with emails.
  • Perfect example of how context impacts us.

Keeping Kids Safe on the Driveway

  • Thanks to Kevin for sharing his story.
  • As I was typing a reply on FB, it hit me.

When It comes to safety, security, violence and crime prevention we may never know how successful we are at what we do.

  • I talk about when, not if so that I keep it fresh that it could happen at any moment and so that I prepare
  • The more I prepare, the harder target I tend to become

How many bad situations have I avoided by:

  • wearing my ppe
  • being aware and focused on safety issues
  • following cars at a safe distance
  • making sure my tires are properly inflated and in good shape
  • teaching my children about safety

How many dirt bags walk on by because:

  • My door is locked
  • They saw me looking around at my surroundings
  • I looked them in the eye

The list goes on and on.

Here is the rub:

  • We prepare for when it happens
  • This decreases the likely hood of it happening
  • We feel like we are wasting our time
  • We become complacent
  • BAM!

We must need to focus on solutions that make our lives better whether it happens or not

We must be confident that our efforts are the reason it hasn’t happened yet.

We must understand that no matter how hard we train, no matter how fast and accurate we shoot, no matter what shape we are in somebody out there is dumb enough to engage us.  Make it your mission to educate them!

I thought episode 199 might be a good time to bring up this concept.  Thanks for bringing it to the forefront!


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4 replies
  1. Jeff Saylor
    Jeff Saylor says:

    thanks for letting me be the sponsor of the day, and thanks for the kind words and the shout out! i love hearing you talk about CJS Knives! thanks for helping me spread the word!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:


    In listening to your cast the term “Normalcy Bias” came to mind. Essentially the feeling or bias toward the thought that since a disaster never happens, it never will. People tend to have trouble reacting to something that they have never experienced which is why training (both mentally and physically) are important. If you mentally train or run thru scenarios in your mind its almost as if you have done it, almost anyway. Of course physical training is the best and your body and mind will react appropriately due to the muscle and mind memory that has been built up from regular training. But I know I preaching to choir…


  3. PaulCarlson
    PaulCarlson says:

    I think you hit it just about spot on Rick. To paraphrase Capt. Sully, We aren’t ever going to know what 3.5 minutes our lives will be judged on so we better make sure we are ready to be at our best every day!


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