0194 – Interview with Chris Archer of Tactics Design

As you have gathered by now, I spent my Saturday sitting down.  In the car and in the lecture hall.  I was glad to have a com-padre with me for part of the ride.  Chris of Tactics Design lives in the greater Columbus, OH area which was right on my way to the lecture from John Giduck on Terror at Beslan.

So I picked him up and we rolled on down.  the poor guy didn’t know it,  but I had a plan in mind!

I hope our conversation which is pretty loose has some information in it that will benefit you and your understanding of violence, instructors, self-defense, and what it might be like to get up at 3:00 am and drive and learn all day!


Sponsor of the Day: Tactics Design

I’ll be updating the website this week.  If you haven’t visited in a while you might want to stop by.  In specific I’ll be working on getting all of the quotes I’ve been collecting properly formatted and uploaded so that when you visit the site you have the opportunity to have an awesome warrior mindset improvement session!  Keep an eye on it and thanks to Chris for the great new look!

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