0193 – Thoughts on Home Defense Tactics

Just like Monday’s episode today’s topic comes from a listener email.  It wasn’t really posed as a question and I think the listener has a good handle on the topic, but I thought the email was an excellent motivator to address the topic of home-defense tactics.  So, here we are addressing home-defense tactics.

Another similarity to Monday’s topic, When to Call the Police, there is no correct answer for what the best home-defense tactics are.  So as you listen to today’s show please keep in mind that my intention is simply to give you some things to think about, not to try and change what it is that you are doing now!

There are two generally accepted tactics for defending our home from that bump in the night:

  • Clear the home
  • Safe room

Both have advantages and disadvantages.  Why not combine the advantages of both?

The middle ground is the ambush!


Sponsor of the Day:  The Warrior Summit


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