0183 – What Does Dominate Mean?

In the admin portion of a show earlier this week, I talked about a review from a listener that specifically appreciated how I talk about Dominating violent encounters.  It was a great email and I also appreciated that it was posted to iTunes as a review.

Today I wanted to talk just about that concept of domination and what that means and why I choose to use that specific word.

Lets start out with understanding the word dominate.

dom·i·nate/ˈdäməˌnāt/Verb - Have a commanding influence on; exercise control over.

An emphasis on the positive.  Mindset issue.

sur·vive – verb –  to remain alive after the death of someone, the cessation of something, or the occurrence of some event; continue to live.

Strong hand – Weak hand v. Primary and support hands

Tunnel vision v. Increased visual acuity

Loss of fine motor skills v. Improved performance of gross motor skills.

Violence is chaos.  We want to dominate, because we want to control.  The more we control, the more likely we are to find success in a violent encounter.  Yet, there is so many things we can’t control.

  • Time
  • place
  • nature of the encounter
  • The level of experience and mind set of the bad guy
  • What the bad guy is wearing
  • Where he is standing
  • or sitting
  • and how that effects our response

We could spend massive amounts of time trying to anticipate, understand or interpret things that are out of our control, or we can focus on our circle of influence.

  • We prepare our body
  • We prepare our mind
  • We prepare our gear
  • We train
  • We execute

If we dominate, we take control and force the dirt bag to worry about us hurting them.  We turn the tables. We win.

The whole goal is to go home.  Happy, healthy ready to fight another day.  What happens to the other guy?  If we control him enough that he stops hurting us, then we have achieved success.  We have dominated.  It might not look like the success we pictured in our mind, but we don’t always have control over the things we get ourselves into.  Just because we can’t control all of it doesn’t mean we can’t dominate it.


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