0179 – Yard Work Safety

There is a pleasant side to summer time like we talked about yesterday.  Spending time with family at the pool, the woods, the range, and then there is the work.  Yard work.  It can be rewarding just like the fun times, but just like the fun times, we have to make sure we are safe.  Yes, carry your gun while you are mowing the lawn, but that isn’t really what I am talking about.  Just like with the pool, however, we have to consider carefully how to keep ourselves safe from the mundane threats too.

General Safety:

  • Kids and pets  inside
  • Follow Manufacturers Directions for operation
  • Wear your PPE, Eyes, ears, face shield, chaps, boots, gloves


  • Kids and pets inside
  • Maintain your mower
  • Guards in place
  • Safety features working
  • Clear obstacles
  • Eyes and ears

Line trimmers

  • Kids and Pets inside
  • Guards in place
  • Eyes and ears
  • Consider face shield and or chaps

Chain saws

  • Kids and Pets inside
  • If you aren’t experienced in tree work, farm it out.  It isn’t worth it.
  • Maintain your saw
  • Wear your PPE, eyes, ears, face shield, chaps, boots, gloves


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