0177 – SAME Weather Radio Reviews

These days, I don’t get too fired up about purchases.  Especially necessity type items like a weather radio.  I think my wife was downright frustrated with the purchases when I made them my regular listeners know that I have a wife with a super high frustration level when it comes to the stupid crap I get myself into.

Well, as of yesterday, we are pretty pleased with the weather radios linked below.


SAME Technology:

Specific area message encryption.

First off these aren’t weather radios, they are emergency radios

  • Weather forecast
  • Weather watches and warnings
  • Boil water
  • Civil emergencies
  • Nuclear emergencies
  • Fire
  • Police
  • The list really goes on and on

Performance of the technology was awesome

  • Was up to the minute
  • I can control what alarms sound
  • I hear the message
  • I can read the message
  • I can set the radio for surrounding areas so I have lead time on the weather

Comparison to notification on TV or radio?

Comparison of individual radios

  • Either Radio will do the job well
  • SAME Technology
  • AM/FM and Weather radio
  • Alarm clock
  • Aux input

Midland WR300 Weather Radio

  • less expensive of the two
  • similar in size
  • no additional antenna
  • more time consuming to turn alarms on and off
  • easy to program SAME codes

Sangean CL100 Weather Radio

  • more expensive
  • more features
  • included an external mag mount antenna
  • better sound quality
  • more adjust-ability of the siren volume
  • screen problem


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MARSEC4 uploaded a great post about using the internet to learn and it featured our podcast!  Thanks Sean.

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