0174 – How’s Your Training Going?

You aren’t going to be surprised to find out that as a trainer, I think training is pretty important.  I did a bit of filing this week as I was organizing my papers.  One of the things I came across in my office work was certificates from courses I have taken.  As I put the certificates where they belong I started to wonder if I was putting my money where my mouth was.

Here is what I found out about my training from May 2010 to May 2011:

48 hours of Instructor level training

32 hours of unarmed combatives

24 hours of handgun training

32 hours of rifle training

8 hours of lecture

144 hours of training from May to May.

I was pretty surprised to see that number.  Keep in mind that only represents time I have spent in courses as a student.  This does not count time I spend on my own training, or any time while I am teaching.  I probably learn as much if not more while I am teaching than when I am a student.

I’m not suggesting that the average person should invest their resources in 144 hours of training per year.  What I am suggesting is that we do need to dedicate ourselves to our training.  Of course, each individual needs to develop their own training regimen based on their own needs and resources but a good guideline would be to take a course each quarter of the year.

  • Spring – 8 hour handgun
  • Summer – 8 hour rifle or shotgun
  • Fall – 8 hour unarmed combatives
  • Winter – 8 hour mindset, or intermediate weapon course, or  whatever in the above three you have the least experience.

Conflict of interest.  That’s easy take courses from someone else.

Extend resources:

  • Stop buying guns and start buying training
  • Handgun training does not have to be live fire
  • Get a group of 8-10 people together and bring the instructor to you
  • Head to a conference
  • Instructors don’t have to be big names
  • Send a friend


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