0172 – Weather Radios and SAME Technology

With all the severe weather that has been taking place around the US this spring, I have spent some time thinking about my family and severe weather.  When I look at who I am, what I do, where I live, etc., I must accept that there are things that are a much greater threat to the safety of my family and me than violence.  Now, don’t think for a second that I am rethinking my dedication to keeping my family safe from violence.  Not at all.  At the same time however, I would be irresponsible if I didn’t give attention to threats according to their probability and the consequences of the threat.  Severe weather and its consequences are certainly something to be considered. We are prepared for severe weather:

  • Winter storms
  • Extreme temps
  • Severe thunder storms and tornadoes

Just like with violence awareness is key I remain aware by:

  • Watching the weather
  • Using the web
  • Weather Radio (ham)

Recently I have discovered a way that we can be more prepared.  Currently all of our weather monitoring technology is active.  This means that someone has to look at the web, or turn on a radio, or pick up a phone to receive weather alerts. Whats the problem with this:

  • Usually nothing
  • I’m aware and observant
  • Not so much when I’m sleeping

SAME Technology

  • Program your location
  • Chose the alerts that are important to you
  • Get along with your business

I have on order two new weather radios with SAME technology:

Midland WR300 Weather Radio

Sangean CL-100 Table Top Public Alert Certified SAME Weather Hazard Alert Radio


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