0168 – Off Body Carry

I am a firm believer that there is no one carry system solution for everyone who would like to carry a gun.  What works for me, works for me.  There may be some folks who have success with a similar system, but it would be egotistical and wrong for me to think that my way is the way.  In the same token, It would be pretty heady of me to poo poo another’s system because it doesn’t work for me.

When it comes to off body carry.  I have only seen one person who was able to pull it off consistently without major foul ups.

Recently, I attended an evening event that was chock full of gun folk.  When we got to our table to pick our seats, I volunteered myself to sit next to the empty chair that was holding a “murse.”  I quipped that it would be extra EDC gear for me if it hit the fan.

Well as the evening wore on every one made it to the table and at one point conversation turned to the bag.  The owner professed the greatness of the bag showed all the cool pockets and webbing, and then opened up the super duper to secret compartment designed to carry a gun, and there was a gun.  I was SHOCKED.  The look on my face must have been hilarious.  I didn’t know the owner of the murse and was little more than an acquaintance to any one else at the table.  They must have thought I was a gun hater.  Not true at all.  But there are some things I do hate.

Off body carry is one of them.

Now if you carry off body and do it right, good for you.  Just like any system, there are limitations.  Know them, operate within them, no problem.

I should be more specific.  I don’t really hate off body carry.  But I have a serious problem with an unsecured, unattended, loaded gun in a public place.

Advantages of off body carry:

  • Removes limitations of clothing on the system
  • Like carrying in a coat pocket, you may be able to point the gun at someone in a totally passive manner
  • Can be a savior for individuals with a back problem


  • The less attached to you the gun is, the less secure the gun is.
  • not any bag will do must be designed for it and discreet at the same time

If you are going to pull off off body carry you are going to have to be dedicated.

  • I wear all this bulky uncomfortable gear every day and half the time I forget it is there.
  • hmmm, put that hunk in a bag and you will forget its there!


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  1. Ken
    Ken says:

    I have edc bag I can throw over shoulder or fanny pack I used when I didn’t where IWB.
    I went to meeting at church & long story short left it hanging on chair when I left. If I use bag now I keep it in front of me or fanny pack style or shoulder.


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