0166 – Twitter and Facebook Communication

In any emergency situation communication can be an important key to staying safe.  Just like any other important system, I feel that having redundant systems of communication is important.  We need to consider the reliability of low tech solutions, like pencil and paper and the power of high tech solutions, such as cellphones and internet and of course, don’t forget about all the options in between. Today we are going to take a look at the top end of the scale.  Communication through social media networks.  I realize that this might not be for everyone, but I do think everyone should consider the advantages of these new and still developing areas of communication. The catalyst: UBL Passive Use:

  • Connect accounts to your mobile phone to receive alerts
  • Friend, Like, and Follow those that are in the know regarding emergency situations in your area.
  • Trusted Friends
  • LE Agencies
  • Fire Departments
  • National Weather Service divisions
  • Media Outlets
  • Amateur radio groups

This passive use can give you information that can help us to be aware of pending critical situations, tools to deal with situations underway, and stay safe after the incident itself has concluded. Active Use:

  • Develop a network of those people that you care about and trust
  • Use the technologies to communicate when you need to communicate


  • Instant
  • Broad
  • Mobile


  • Broad/Security
  • Infrastructure

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