0165 – FF Vehicle Chase and Shooting

Today’s Friday Film gives us a pretty good look at the dynamics that are involved in violence.  Very few people who are on our side have the luxury of knowing when they get ready to walk out the door that they are going to be involved in violence.  There are a few roles that good guys play that give that foresight, but it isn’t in the cards for most of us.  Based on the nature of life we are most likely going to have some kind of a situation that appears from nowhere and quickly boils over into a chaotic, violent mess. When stuff happens it is good to have some things in place:

  • Solid reality based training
  • A team you can trust
  • The notion that the option to DISENGAGE is there
  • A huge pair of titanium plated brass balls.

[youtube tyW9RE5CfcM]


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