0162 – Use Glass to Cover Your…Six

Last week one of our episodes covered a simple routine I use to make sure that I stay aware in places like gas stations and convenience stores.  I use the  letters CCSEBB to keep my awareness up and to provide an opportunity for practice in staying aware.  I wanted to point out a tip that came from Kevin regarding the podcast.  Our awareness should start in the parking lot.

Today I wanted to take a minute to talk about another awareness technique that I use that is a ton of fun to practice.  I use glass to cover my…six.

I am constantly using any means I can to see who is where.  The more covert I can be about it the better.  When I talk about using glass really I just mean shiny things:

  • Mirrors
  • Glass
  • Plastics
  • Metals
  • Sunglasses

You get the idea.

Any time I can get an additional perspective on my area, I take it, including using reflections to understand what is around me.

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