0161 – Impact Weapons

CIA Ice Scraper

Fox Labs Spray

Impact weapons are force multipliers.  The increase the effectiveness of our strikes by increasing the amount of force we are able to apply.  They do this by being hard and or reducing the surface area and or, increasing the speed that we can strike with.


We can count on the hardness of the item or the item can make our hand harder by filling the void.  I don’t particularly like to strike with a closed fist so I in general want to hit with the item itself.

  • Brass knuckles … mmm not so much
  • Light
  • Kubaton

Reduced Surface area

Step on a nail?

Soft armor works by spreading out the force over a larger surface area.

  • Keys
  • Stinger keychain
  • CIA Ice Scraper


  • Bat
  • ASP
  • Baton
  • Cane

Combination of the above.

Legal considerations for impact weapons:

  • Impact weapons are less lethal force
  • Impact weapons are lethal force


Check your local laws

What I look for in an impact weapon:

  • convienient to carry
  • multiple uses
  • effective force multiplier
  • effective with hammer fists

CIA Ice Scraper Specific Comments

  • Haven’t ever held one
  • Put in an order for one
  • Probably not going to make it in to my daily carry gear


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