0159 – Convenience Store Awareness

In the past week or so we have been talking about the importance of awareness and I talked about the daily practice I do to help improve my awareness skills.  Today I want to give a specific example of an exercise that I use to practice that can be adapted to many situations:

First of all, I hate convenience stores and gas stations, but there are times when they can be convenient.  Since I do choose to use the stores I make sure I have a routine to maintain my awareness when I do.  It is pretty simple!

  • Counter
  • Clerk
  • Store
  • Back-room
  • Bathroom
  • Exit

This idea can be applied to any situation not just a convenience store.

  1. Identify the threat areas
  2. Prioritize the likely hood of a threat in each area
  3. Evaluate the areas in order of priority
  4. Go or No Go


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