0158 – The “Advanced” Myth

I’m a trainer.  I love what I do.  I enjoy teaching people and helping them to acquire new skills and develop skills they already have more throughly.  I have every intention of someday being a billionaire from teaching training classes.  Check on me in ten years to make sure I have kept my word, but the $50 I actually may make in the business is not going to be from ADVANCED classes.

Being “Advanced” is cool.  Until this past year I was a pretty avid diver.  I spent a lot of time and energy on developing my skills so that I could do more “advanced” dives.  I took courses, I did shallow dives to train for deeper dives, I mixed gases, configured, reconfigured and re-reconfigured my gear.  I got my certs and I went deep.  It was while I was at 165′ in 40 degree water in Lake Huron with 90 minutes of deco over my head that i realized that I never really learned anything other than new applications of what I was taught in my first scuba class.  Take it easy, watch your bouyancy, plan your dive, dive your plan, and don’t panic.

As much as the Dive industry wanted me to believe that I was doing something special it was my instructor Jeff that taught me that I did the same things everybody else did only I had to do it better.  More easily, more naturally, more efficiently.  You get the point.

Training for self defense shouldn’t be any different.

  1. Don’t be afraid of the basics.  No one is too cool, too good, or too experienced to take time to work the basics.  For every “advanced”  training session I have I like to train a ton of basic sessions.
  2. Understand that folks that really get this stuff  understand that “advanced” should be nothing more than a broader, faster, more powerful or more accurate application of a basic skill.
  3. More tools in your tool box isn’t always a better thing.

We must master the basics so that they are effortless, fluid, efficient, powerful, fast… again, you get the point.

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