0155 – FF What Ever You Do, Don’t MYOB!

Yesterday we talked about awareness and how difficult it can be to stay out of it when you know (or think you know) what is going on around you.  I made it pretty clear that for me, in most situations, I simply stay out of it.  Your mileage may vary, based on your duties, your values, and a host of other factors.

But there are some times when I just can’t swallow that advice I gave yesterday.

I would like to think that today’s Friday Film would be one of the times I would choose to get involved. Watch it, and think about how you would hope that you would behave.

We have a few choices when we decide to get involved:

  1. Indirect involvement:  stay out of the situation and help other people stay out of the situation
  2. Direct involvement: Jump in the mix, straight in.  Don’t forget the principles of third party self-defense and if you are going to do it, act INSTANTLY and act DECISIVELY.  In other words, DOMINATE.
  3. The middle ground, remain aware, position yourself strategically, be a good witness and call for help.

A few thoughts about tactics:

  1. 2 men vs. 1
  2. Flanking
  3. 3 one man dropped a bag, the other held on
  4. If you are a parent, don’t do this to your child.

My new hat.

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