0154 – Even Though it Can Be Tough, MYOB!

Some of my family and friends laugh at me because of the things I notice when I am out and about.  They never realize that I’m laughing right back at what they miss because they aren’t paying attention, because they aren’t paying attention.  It is kind of a funny situation.

It has been a while since we have talked specifically about awareness and I probably need to get another show together on the topic because it is so important.  Add to that fact that only the 100 most recent shows are available on iTunes and the number of new listeners is increasing rapidly, and we are starting to develop some holes in our concepts.

New website launch

  • Awesome looking web page design from Chris at www.TacticsDesign.com
  • A lot of back-end functionality which you won’t see but will make a difference in how I am able to interact with you
  • A link for you to be able to download compressed files of the podcast that are no longer available on iTunes

So back to the topic.

I work hard to be aware and it is a skill that I practice everyday.  The daily practice helps me to improve my awareness skills and at the same time makes the skills habit.

The tough part of this habit is minding my own business.  Many of you know my background as a teacher.  In dealing with middle school kids I was constantly dealing with the drama of tween life and constantly reminding kids to MYOB.

This doesn’t mean don’t pay attention to what is going on around you, it simply means that unless it pertains directly to you, stay out of it.

Costco. Love the store, hate the gun buster sign.

  • Eating our typical family dinner for a nickel
  • Man alone, trench coat, left hand in pocket, standing next to a trash can, back against the wall, drinking a pop.
  • Has my attention
  • Takes 3 steps away from the trash can, sets empty cup on the table and walks out.

Let the little stuff go.

Principles, ego, and all that mumbo jumbo isn’t worth escalating a non incident into a minor or possibly major incident.  Follow Costco’s lead.  It only took a few minutes for an employee who was walking by to reach over, grab the empty cup and dispose of it.  The employee saw it, probably didn’t like it, but handled it without pissing off a customer.  Costco avoided an incident to make a few bucks, my families well being and my safety has a lot more value than that to me.

Let the little stuff go.

If you can’t let it go pass the buck to someone that gets paid to handle the situation.

If it isn’t little, if you can’t let it go, do what you have to do.

I can’t tell you what you should and shouldn’t do, nor would I ever presume to force my values on you.  You have to determine YOUR boundaries based on YOUR value system and then prepare your mind to follow through.  This preparation will help you to follow the path that is right for you.  Military, LE, On duty, off duty, armed citizen alone or with your family each set of circumstance is different.  Figure it out.  For me, most of the time, especially when I’m with my family, MYOB!

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