0150 – FF Play Off Season Reminds Me of AGGRESSION

If I could only have one quality well developed and ready to dominate a violent encounter it would have to be aggression.  Pure aggression displayed by a “target” can be a game changer in the mind of those that are trying to hurt others.

Criminals are looking for an easy mark

It is very difficult for a criminal to hurt you when they are forced to protect themselves.

Aggression isn’t a guarantee to domination or even survival, but, if I’m not going to make it, I intend to be the last person they ever hurt.

Don’t forget that no matter what, violence is chaotic.  The longer it lasts the less likely we are able to control the outcome.  As you will see from today’s FF’s violence could even turn into a hockey game!

At about :50 in the video you can see the cheap shot that kinda got everything going in 1996.  I’m not talking about the sucker punch earlier in the video, but instead the hit from behind.  Drapers face is smashed against the dasher.  His jaw and cheek bone are broken and he received a severe concussion.  The second fight occurs two years later as the aggressive rivalry continues.

The second video fits in between the 1996 hit on Draper and the 1998 fight with McCarty.  The Brawl.  The opposite of aggression.

I love hockey and being from Detroit the Wings are certainly my team.  My purpose in showing these videos isn’t about right or wrong, or Wings vs. Avs.  The point instead is about aggression.  There are numerous examples in the video where fights are “won” by the more aggressive fighter.  Again, right or wrong these guys have done an amazing job cultivating aggression.  How bout you?

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