0145 – FF A Discussion of Violence and AOJP

CK sent this video in suggesting it as a possible FF Video.  I thought that it was a great example of some do’s and dont’s when it comes to violent encounters so into the que it went.

As always, it is simple for us to make judgement on a video as Monday morning QBs.  Remember we only have part of the picture, none of the stress or danger.  So, as always,  my comments both positive and negative are intended with respect and are intended for all to learn from as oppsed to criticize the performance of another who is in it while we sit on the side lines and watch.

Take a look at the video

We have several possible responses to violence:

  • Fight
  • Flight
  • Freeze
  • Posture
  • Submit

What we watch in the majority of the video is posturing on the part of both individuals.

Punk – boisterous, chest bumping, shouting

Vet – cool, standing his ground


Start with the P today.

We don’t have the totality of the situation, however, if we ASSUME that the Vet’s home is directly through the door to his six, preclusion could be required by law, and it may be his best option.

AOJ – at :27, in my opinion, the requirements are met with regards to ability, opportunity and jeopardy(intent.)

Vet remains stoic which works effectively for this situation, however, we must consider the negatives:

  • Violence has the potential to escalate quickly
  • The longer violence lasts, the more likely we are to suffer the consequences of the chaotic nature of violence

You can watch the progression move from shouting, to chest bumping to grappling, to shoving.

Finally, the Vet decides to act in a decisive manner.

The way the vet handled himself may have been the best course of action and it appears to have worked out well for him.

Keep in mind a couple of thoughts:

  • we want to end violent encounters as quickly as possible
  • when we respond to violence we want to respond with an instantaneous change from apparently passive to ultra-violent
  • we want to respond with the maximum level of force that we are justified to use under the law
  • when retreat is an option, consider it.  Avoidance of violence is usually the best option.
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