0144 – Layers of Defense

A great example of having layers of safety are the rules for safe handling of a firearm.  If we look that the two rules that I think are most important we can see that they work together to help keep people safe when handling guns.

  1. Keep your firearm pointed in a relatively safe direction
  2. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot

If you break the first rule and point your gun where you shouldn’t the second rule is still there to protect you.  If you break the second rule and negligently discharge your gun but are still following rule 1, things will probably be embarassing but ok.

These two rules are further backed up at times by a mechanical safety on some guns, by proper supervision of those learning to handle a fire arm, and proper storage to prevent access by those that aren’t able to follow the rules of safe gun handling.

The above is just an example of how layers of safety can keep us protected to a degree.

We can apply the same principle to other areas of our lives to increase our safety.

Home security is a prime candidate to demonstrate how layers of security can be effective:

Privacy and Modesty

  • Remove Temptation
  • Make intelligence difficult to gather





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