0143 – Be a Hard Target

If you spend any time watching National Geographic type television, you undoubtedly see the classic scene where the predator gobbles up the unsuspecting prey.  It truly is natural selection at work, and all predators are experts at spotting the easy targets.

Criminals are predators.  When we blow it we provide the opportunity for them to prey upon us.  It didn’t happen, but that is exactly why I was so frustrated with my families bungle at Airport security last weekend.  When we were discombobulated it would have been the perfect time for a bag to walk away.  It didn’t happen to us, but it does happen to people every day!

I am a firm believer that the best way for us to handle crime is through avoidance and prevention.  There are some that would argue that avoidance and prevention are strategies that do not work effectively.  They may be right, but we will never know as a crime that is avoided or prevented may have been averted before any one other than the criminal knew it was about to occur.

So one of the ways that we can be a hard target is to keep it together.

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Frustration
  • Excitement
  • Desperation

Or ANY emotional response to a situation can get us into trouble.  We must be well versed at mentally and emotionally controlling our self in stressful situations to make sure that we don’t become the prey in a criminals cross hairs.  Having the confidence to address situations that we may face will help us to avoid some of the physiological reactions our body experiences.  This confidence comes from experience and from preparation.

Think about the times of stress that you are likely to face and how it is that you can prepare yourself and those that you love to remain mentally and emotionally in control in those times of stress.

  • Learn how to change a tire and have roadside coverage
  • Plan
  • Train


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