0141 – Plan and Execute Go Together

Over the weekend my family and I jumped a plane and flew to TPA to visit family in warmer climes.  This was by no means our first time on an airplane, in fact, I would consider us experienced travelers.  The four of us typically slip through security like a platinum elite businessman.  I would pay money to watch the cctv footage of our trip through on the way to TPA.  FUBAR!

The problem was one of a lack of communication and the fact that we changed our typical plan.  No matter how much we worked to execute effectively, it was going to be a mess because we had no plan.

What was the consequence of or decision to be idiots?  We just looked like idiots.  Next, it was clear to everyone around us including the TSA agents that we could not possibly be a threat to anyone other than ourselves.  Finally, upon reflection I learned, or relearned the fact that without a plan effectively executing anything is a shot in the dark.

We have to remember that the consequences of not being able to execute a task can vary from benign to catastrophic.  In airport security, we were slow, I was annoyed and the dude in the cheap suit tapping his gold toe socks on the tile floor trying to get back to Kansas city was condescending.  BFD!  If there had been an emergency on the airplane and we failed to execute, or a home fire, or an automobile accident, the outcome of piss poor planning, or no planning, could have been much different.

What situation do you need to plan for?  The loss of your job?  The death of your spouse?  A fire at the office?  A home invasion?  Severe weather event?  The legal and emotional aftermath of a violent encounter?  Whatever it is, plan it, communicate it, practice it so that you can execute it.

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