0137 – Impressions of a First Time Shooter

One of the common themes of my life has been teaching.  No matter what I get involved in I end up teaching it.  I have taught lots of fun stuff throughout my life but today I got to teach a common topic for me to someone I NEVER thought I would have a chance to teach.  My sister asked me to take her shooting.  I was thrilled and jumped at the chance.

I wanted to take some time to talk with her about her experience.

  • Tell us about your previous experience with guns.
  • Why did it take you till this point in your life to want to shoot a gun.
  • Before we went to the range, what were you thinking, wondering, excited about, maybe even concerned about?
  • Before we headed to the range we took just a few minutes to talk about safety.  What are your thoughts about safe gun handling.
  • We went to an indoor range.  What were your thoughts about that experience from a service standpoint, etc.
  • I made the choice for you shoot a Glock 19 which is chambered in 9mm.  What did you think about this pistol.
  • I also offered the chance for you to shoot my Glock 21 which is a .45.  What did you think about the differences in the two guns?
  • If you had our shooting excursion to do over again what would you change.
  • Will you ever do it again?
  • What is your next step in shooting?


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