0136 – Get Some Rest: My Story

My wife and I are very blessed in that we have successfully structured our lives to place family as a top priority.  This past weekend we made a trip to the south to spend time with extended family to celebrate a birthday.  The drive we made was a total of about 13 hours.  That amount of time in the car can certainly tire you out.  It did me.

Last Monday I posted Episode 0131, get some rest.

I tried to keep the concepts in mind as I prepared for, completed and recovered from our trip.  None the less, too much coffee and not enough sleep took its toll on me.

The next day as we got to our fun activities I screwed the pooch.  Again, no catastrophic consequences, but that is only because life was being kind to me.

Some of the friends we were spending time with turned the conversation to self-defense, CCW courses, and guns.  The environment and the company was appropriate for me to share the custom Glock 21 that Templar Custom Arms just completed for me.  That gun has simply burning a hole in my holster.

So, I suggested that we take a look at my gorgeous blaster.  I reached into my Dale Fricke Holster to draw, and…

My hand immediately shot to my left front pocket…


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