0127 – Safely Helping Out in a Time of Need

Yesterday we took some time to look at how we can learn from a devastating situation like what is taking place in Japan.  Hopefully you found your way to TSP

RI Attorney General gave some decent tips to follow if you want to donate to the efforts underway in Japan, and here is a rehash from a money related blog.

His advice is pretty good, but one tip jumped out at me:

Be skeptical of anyone asking for a donation by requesting your credit card number or bank account information over the phone unless you already donate to that charity.

This advice is fine if YOU initiated the call, however, if you received the call, you shouldn’t provide ANY information.

Hands down the most secure way to insure that the aid you intend to get to the people who need your help in Japan is to donate directly to organizations like the American Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders.

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