0126 – What We Need to Take From the Events in Japan

The devastation in Japan is awesome.

It is impossible to not sit up and take notice over what is taking place in the aftermath.

Estimates of more than 10,000 dead are difficult to imagine.  Some that have survived are enduring incredible hardship.

There are two things that we should be doing:

  1. helping out
  2. learning

Today we are going to focus on the learning.

When we look at the aftermath of disasters we cant help but to notice some similarities in the hardships of those who have survived.  A disaster of the magnitude we are seeing in Japan, or in Haiti, or with Katrina has the potential to deeply disrupt all of the systems around you that you depend on.  The people left behind after a disaster are in need:

  • Water
  • Fire/shelter/power
  • Food
  • Medical supplies

We should have what we can on hand to handle these needs.  The more we do, the safer and more secure we will be.  I work to keep these assets in play in three arenas:

  • My home
  • My transportation
  • My person

The greatest resource I can give you on Modern Survival is The Survival Podcast.


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