0118 – A Simple Food Safety Tip

I don’t eat out much.

Over the past week I have been in restaurants more often than usual and I was surprised at some of the things I saw.

On three separate occasions I have watched individuals who were eating alone leave their table for extended periods of time with no one to supervise the food that they are about to consume.

Let’s be realistic It isn’t likely that someone is going to do something to poison your food.  Probably the worst likely consequence is your table will get cleared by an overzealous busser, but why take the risk.

Scenario 1:

Single woman leaves food unattended at a FF joint

Scenario 2:

Parent and children need to use the restroom at a FF joint

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  1. Mark Levis
    Mark Levis says:

    Well one addition about “Leaving the purse unsupervised”. This is one reason off body carry should be discouraged is leaving a purse or similar item is so often done. Another is even if not carrying lets start thinking about identity theft.

    • PaulCarlson
      PaulCarlson says:

      Unattended purses and such just bring up a whole host of problems. Mark, you bring up a great point about off body carry. It may be the only option for some and if you head in this direction you must be extremely conscientious. ID Theft is certainly a worry with that unattended purse, so is the theft of your car keys. Without your keys you are stuck, and in your purse is your ID which of course has your home address along with your house key, or even easier is the garage door opener. The list just goes on and on in the ways we can really screw ourselves when we fail to keep our stuff secure.

      The way you looked at this situation is EXACTLY how I want folks to take my podcast. I can’t possibly take the time to mention all of the details. What we must do is look for the overriding principle in the topic. And you drove straight to it. We have to keep our “stuff” secure. Failing to do this simply causes a headache!

      Thanks Mark!


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