0110 – FF Holding Cell Hell

Today I continue my rant about our responsibility to defend ourselves.  Yesterday we talked about Wal-mart dismissing two employees for violating store loss prevention policy when they disarmed a shoplifter who shoved a gun into one of the employee’s back.

My dialog regarding that news story continued after my podcast.

We shouldn’t support those who don’t support our right to self-defense.

Policies like Wal-marts policy not only get people killed, but they do something that might be worse.  They create drones.

  • 911
  • School yard

In today’s FF We see a drone.

I’m not defending a dirt bag, nor am I bagging on LEOs.  When you break the law you face the consequences.

  • I want to isolate the incident from all the other circumstances.
  • 19 minutes
  • 60 some punches taken
  • Not for one second does he really take matters into his own hands.
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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Everyone can sit back in the safety and security of their homes and watch this video and say “I’d do this or that” if confronted by something like that. I’ve been in exactly 2 fights in my teen and adult life (I’m 40), I just don’t have the personality that either gets in fights or picks them. That being said, in a case like this there are 2 areas of the body that no matter how big your assailant is will put them down or take the fight out of them. Number 1 is the groin. Don’t afraid to grab a handful of twig and berries. Number 2 are the eyes. Turn his head into a six pack of beer (you know what I mean – fore finger in one eye socket, thumb in the other) and the fight is over.

    • PaulCarlson
      PaulCarlson says:

      You got it Rick. Respond INSTANTLY with decisive force that will overwhelm your attacker and shift his focus from hurting you to protecting himself. You give two good ways to do that!


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