0104 – Using Bogus Emails to Improve our Security

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I get a deluge of emails from my listeners that are related to crime prevention.  I read them all and I would guess that I use something from just about every email.

I got this one yesterday and I wanted to share with you the tips that I took from the email.  I have to say that I was glad that someone took the time to check the email out on Snopes.com to get the real story.e

Auto Door Handle Break-Ins

The email basically talks about thieves covertly breaking into your vehicle and stealing only some of the contents so that you are not alerted to the break in.  One of the things stolen is your home address from your GPS so that your home can be burglarized at a later date.

Snopes does a good job of picking apart the email and helping us to realistically look at the threat that is spoken of in the email.

Some of the ideas are far fetched, but who cares.  The solutions to such simple, low impact solutions that there is no reason not to take them.

  • Don’t leave valuables on display in your car
  • If you use a GPS, lable home as something else, or choose an address that is close to home.
  • Scrub your car of your address for that matter
  • Park in well lit, public areas of a lot

Even when an email isn’t completely true, it doesn’t mean that we can gain some benefit from it.  If the solutions to the problems have little consequence to our life, why not take them?

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