0102 – Got a Blow Out Kit Yet?

Warrior Summit

ITS Tactical blog where I found info regarding BOK’s in Tuscon

Article from the Post about how BOK’s saved lives in Tuscon

I am a huge fan of First Aid Gear.

When people ask me why I carry a gun I explain to them that because despite the efficiency of the 911 system and the professionalism of our law enforcement officers, a police response is most likely 3 or minutes away if I am involved in a violent encounter.  That is assuming I can get to my phone to call immediately.  Again as efficient as that is, it is probably about 2 minutes 50 seconds too late.  In that 3 minutes I have the ability to save my own life, or the lives of others.

Now this answer is a very well thought out logical answer based on why any firefighter or paramedic would tell you to get trained in first aid.  There is a gap in time between when you call for help and when help actually arrives and in that time if you are trained in first aid you can give life saving aid.

This is the logic I use to justify my CCW and it is also the logic I use to justify my first aid gear.  If I ignored the connection I would be a hyppocrit.

So I don’t ignore it.  I carry a full blown kit in the back of my truck.  I also carry a little boo boo kit.  But, right up front in the truck where I can reach it from the driver’s seat is where I keep my Blow Out Kit.

My kit is sold by Pro Med Kits.  I chose the Alpha load out and everything is great except for the bag itself.  The bag only opens on two sides which makes it tough to access the gear in the bag without dumping it all out.  Not the best option.  But the gear in the kit and the harness are both great.

It is there for me to grab right away should I need it  to render aid as a passing motorist at the scene of an accident on the highway.  Even more important, it is right there where I can reach it if I need to render self-aid, or to care for those I love in the event we are in an accident.  If I cant render aid myself, I’ve got the gear right there that someone else who has the ability can.

Kit contents:

My kit comes out of the truck any time I go to the range or teach a class.  I hold it up, open it, talk about it and place it in a conspicuous place so that we all know where it is located should something horrible happen.  I am a safety nut so I don’t expect to have anything horrible happen, but the high profile I give my kit makes it more likely that my students are going to secure a kit of their own and have it close at hand when they watch a truck drive through a movie theater.

As much of a safety nut as I am, I can’t control everything around me.  I carry a gun to protect myself and the ones that I love from violence.  The kit is there for the same reason, and unfortunately, I have deployed my kits, multiple times, in life and death circumstances.

Have you secured your kit yet?

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