0094 – Open Carry: Great Law, Bad Practice

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Proposed Florida Gun Bills

Three bills have been proposed in Tallahassee, Florida that would extend the rights of gun owners in the state of Florida.  One deals with the medical profession and record keeping on guns, another a prohibition on preemption of FL State law, and the third and most interesting to me is an open carry provision.

I pretty much laid it all out in the title.   I think it is important and beneficial to have an open carry law and as a general rule I think that open carry is a bad practice.  Today I’ll explain.

Open carry laws give concealed carry holders some distinct advantages.  One of the biggest worries of some folks that carry concealed is the possibility of accidentally exposing their firearm in public.  All it takes is a monetary lapse in concentration and a stretch for a can on the top shelf at the grocery store to have an accidental exposure of their concealed weapon.

There are several possible outcomes from such an accidental exposure of a firearm.

  • The most probable reaction is nothing
  • Discomfort
  • Loss of tactical advantage
  • Legal difficulties
  • Man with a Gun

An open carry law can help to alleviate some of these negative consequences and this is the sole reason I like to see legal open carry along with shall issue laws.

But note that I indicated I want to see open carry laws side by side with concealed carry.  Concealed carry is superior to open carry for armed civilians for a few good reasons.

  • Retention
  • Hassle avoidance
  • Tactical advantage
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